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"Telos" is a one-act play performed at the Chain Theatre on September of 2023. The play was produced by Remember Entertainment and directer by Claudia Stock.

Set in a sterile Brooklyn bar, the play unfolds as a group of men deliberate a crime they committed. To enable the actors to fully express themselves on stage, we opted for a minimalistic design focusing materiality and lighting. Our team designed and built the bar and table, complemented by four sourced chairs.

Our studio placed a strong emphasis on waste management when designing the set for the play, taking into account its short stage lifespan of only 3 days. We utilized reclaimed wood from street pallets for the bar and table design. To enhance the auditory experience, we covered them with salvaged metal sheets to capture the sound of glasses hitting the surface.



Our first collection, Lemn, derives its name from the Romanian word for wood, to honor the material's significance and its symbolic representation of growth. 

Lemn's cylindrical shape emerged when we were commissioned to design three stools for a modern coffee shop in Manhattan. Our goal was to make a sculptural and contemporary piece that seamlessly fit with the cafe's sleek design. Our formal exploration was inspired by a simple geometric shape: a circle, representing harmony, perfection, and balance.


Crafted from birch plywood, a tree native to New York, the Leon series showcases handmade furniture that offers a unique alternative to mass-produced designs. The collection consists of four distinct items: the single-legged stool, the double-legged stool, the bench, and the console.



During our final year at Pratt Institute's School of Architecture, we were confronted with a prevalent issue: the excessive waste of materials resulting from students' model making and design projects. 


Motivated by this challenge, we harnessed the potential of these discarded materials, using them as our creative constraint. Through this process, we developed multiple prototypes that embodied an authentic and resourceful approach, giving rise to furniture pieces that gracefully embraced the available materials and showcased our exploration of simple yet compelling forms.

The collection featured a pair of chairs, a shelf, a tray set, and various smaller items like coasters and candle holders crafted from surplus materials. Our Prototypes were showcased at "Of the Cloth"s Rockefeller Center gallery as well as their Prospect Heights location.