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What is Ture?

Ture is a design-build studio that passionately explores the interplay between architecture and furniture, crafting functional works of art that harmonize modern aesthetics with sustainable practicality.


At Studio Ture, our mission is to redefine the boundaries between architecture and furniture through our design/build services. We are committed to creating humanizing and sustainable solutions that seamlessly integrate form and function.


By embracing the gray area between these disciplines, we aim to deliver unique, innovative, and aesthetically captivating designs that enhance the lives of our customers and clients. Our focus on sustainability drives us to utilize environmentally conscious practices, materials, and technologies, ensuring a responsible approach to design.


Through our comprehensive involvement in every stage of the process, from concept to construction, we strive to fulfill our clients' vision and exceed their expectations, providing them with spaces that inspire, engage, and endure.

Design Services

FurniTure Design, Spatial Experiential Design, Exhibition Design,

Material Research, Interior Design and ArchitecTure 


Funtastic Supply is the sister brand of Studio Ture, further expanding our commitment to exceptional design. Our curated collection showcases items we have personally gathered over the years, serving as both home goods and valuable tools for researching designs and manufacturing techniques pioneered by renowned designers across different eras. 


Our passion extends from the vibrant 70s to the dynamic 90s, tracing the evolution from the space age to the integration of modern tech solutions in designed goods. Experience the nostalgia and explore the timeless allure of design through our carefully selected range at Funtastic Supply.

Contact Us

For design projects, collaborations, work opportunities or just to connect email us at

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